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ALL NEW★Starter Paypal Transfer Service 40%★
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Welcome to Max-Profits Starter Paypal Transfer Service!

So what is the offer?

PayPal transfers at super low RATE of 40%!

We are offering FAST Semi-Clean PayPal transfers. These funds are NOT from hacked accounts, instead, we use Credit Cards through one of our payment processors in order to reach your account.

my skype - ppfunds
My IcQ :  686367873  

Payment Method : Bitcoin [ We accept only Bitcoin ] You can use escrow service. [ escrow welcome ]

We are also offering a 48hr replacement guarantee in the case of charge backs.  These should hit 1-4 weeks after transfer (sometimes longer).

Our requirements are:

1. People who know what they are doing
2. Verified Premier or Business account
3. Aged accounts
4. Recent transaction history on your PayPal accounts

We do not tolerate:

1. People who DO NOT understand PayPal
2. Recently made/fresh accounts
3. Annoying people

Terms of Service:

Please read these terms of service carefully and only order if you agree with them.

1. We are not responsible for held funds.
2. We are not responsible for funds under review.
3. We are not responsible for your accounts. It is your responsibility to know the limits of your account. If you order too much on a new account it will raise some flags.
4. In the case of a chargeback we will resend any funds that have been charged backed or reversed 48hrs after the transfer. Replacements will be only sent ONCE.
5. To be entitled to a replacement, we will need video proof/evidence or login details to verify. Transaction history showing transfer and charge back MUST be clearly visible.
6. No replacements for transfers to freshly made accounts.
No replacements if the funds were successfully cashed out. This is to avoid scammers.
7. If you try to trick us in any way, you will be banned.
8. Refunds (if any) are at our discretion.
9. We reserve the right to accept/decline orders without any explanation offered.
10. You cannot leave a negative review after a successful transfer.


1. Starter service is limited to one offer which is 40%.  You pay $180 for a $450 transfer. If bigger amounts are required use our full 33% transfer service.
2.How long do transfers take? We try our best to send in 24-48h.
3. Do you do custom listings for amounts not on listing? Yes, just contact us via PM. We can always work something out.
4. Can you divide the transfer? No, we send all transfers in a single payment.
5. Can you buy something from a store? No, we only send the money to PayPal addresses directly.

We hope that answers all your questions. Welcome to the service and let’s all make some money!


Complete PROOF ( As it is working  )
Proof 1
[Image: 3e21bce02c.png]
Proof 2
[Image: e0153c7334.jpg]
Proof 3
[Image: d0b1e0f4c7.png]
Proof 4
[Image: 9a125c075e.png]
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wow i am interested in buying your service , 
contacted you on skype , girl
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What about a low price? like I pay you $20
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(11-08-2015, 10:40 PM)Neat Wrote: What about a low price? like I pay you $20

$30 is the lowest , Check this ( Click here )
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HOW TO PAY?????????
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Hi Girl, i would like to try it out. I've added you on skype.
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Vouch for you girl ,
i am already working you with your deal.

Best Paypal transfer Service.
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I saw post where a guy paid $20 and got $100
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Is this really legit or just a rip off
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(12-08-2015, 03:31 AM)jrso Wrote: Is this really legit or just a rip off

Try it for as low as $30
Website Find Rate

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