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Basic things to be a good carder (BEGINNERS)
Hello guys,

This is a tuto writed by me , its for beginners i hope it will be helpful

First of all, Carding its a thing what have self dangerous things , and they called very HIGH

"Carding" is when somebody use ( Credit Card Informations , bank accounts etc ] , for earning reason.

~The first thing what is important in Carding, its to be safe

Never do carding when using programs like VPN, SOCKS or other softwares.

VPN and Socks we can find online in internet but , i dont prefer free vpn and socks.

~Credit Card ,

Credit Card informations we can get from , Spamm- , we buy them , or we get from other forums etc , they have:

FirstName and LastName :

City :

State :

Adress :

Telephone Number :


Credit Card Number [ Number of type of card]

Cvv2 (3 or 4 numbers behind the card)

And other infos can be

* Bank Info

* Business Name

* Email

Turn is to find some site with low security.

To be honest, this is the most hard thing when Carding.

You need to find shop what they are easy, and they have low security for verifications.

More prefered its to find private site (From Google), and not public , because in most of time site starts to be public, and they start to investigation, and we can be victim.

Learn more about that site, did they want telephone verification , did they want any eplain if cc is declined and more.

~Use different emails for every card. Try to do the email with the name of credit card holder.

~As you are new in this , i dont suggest to buy in secured site like : ebay.com , amazon.com , apple.com maybe you cant because you are a beginner , but dont try it .

~I dont suggest to buy products with high balance , because i know case , when we get the product(shipped,delivired) , after 1-2 weeks it will go a letter to pay again, but now CASH .

~Its not preffered to buy products and send them to your house, use any neighbor house or any local, like net caffe, or coffe , or use drop.

~~> To be a successful Carder, that site what you find, take them private, cuz when you public them , there are gonna be much orders and then starts the investigations.

There are some explains what i hope are helpfuls.

good carding

Legend Regards:

Atn Squad Dodgy

Please dont post this tutorial anywhere else cuz i posted it just for this forum , or if you post tell the true Author.
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Good bro
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Good bro
Albania - Kosovo
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ow yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Great tutorial for greens. good job.
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thanks bro for sharing this, i will need that in future.
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thanks for share
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