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Group Upgrades [ Rank Explained - ] Updated
Thumbs Up 
   Sup-Mod     Carders    DONATOR    Hackers    Registered    Banned users    Pink Panthers-Active Group  Advertisers

Registered Users are Simple Who just Join the forum has no extra privaleges ( Can't PM , Cant ask for  fast support  Browsing forum with Limits Can't view complete forum ( require extra reply or post counts to view section and Can't views links in the forum) Can't Rep any user (NO Special user badge)

   Pink Panthers-Active Group   50 POST Counts Only
Previously known as Pink Panthers ( Can view forum without problem but has some limits )

100 Thread Counts 100 Post Counts. Can View Complete forum Without restriction ( 100 PM , Easy support , can edit and mange threads, extra space for pm and much more.... ) 

Can View Vip Section 
300 Threads + 200 Post Counts + 10 Rep Points and Atleast 10 Ref Counts (Legit Ref's Only)
Mange and edit threads, Can sticky threads.

Can View Vip Section 
Can Be upgraded simple with
Ask for Upgrade on PM to Admins
500 Thread Contributation + 500 Posts To forum ( 50 Rep + 50 Ref ) 0 Warning Points
Can Post anywhere in the forum without restriction
Can Sticky there thread
Can edit or delete user post 
Can Ban Users ( Who spams on there thread ) 
Can rate anyone +5 Points on thread and Raise or delete warnings
And much more....What Are the bonus for this Group.
Special User Bar. ( eye catching ) 
Can Use Links in there Signature.
You will Get Colored name Tag.
Restriction Removed Private messages
Can Give +5 Rep points and 10 Times a day Woh! (   )
 Lifetime , VIP access to our forum 
Same Powers as Our MODS Have in forum

    Sup-Mod or Mod 
Can Only Applied If you a Part of  DONATOR

IF You Pay In forum for Anything
or Donate to this forum
Website Find Rate

T1509 this clears the Role of the users. Thumbsup
Website Find Rate

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