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Admins of xeksec.com are rippers! Dont send any money for adverts!!! I request refund my money and they didnt send it to me!!! Be careful!!

JID1: [email protected]
JID2: [email protected]

[19:40:06]<Trumplink>in registration rules you sent to me you didnt talk about any additional payments
 [19:40:30]<Trumplink>now you want +1K - it is not serious
 [19:45:36]<[email protected]>i dont understand he reopened
 [19:45:43]<[email protected]>that topic
 [19:46:15]<[email protected]>https://gyazo.com/d0d70873285382121e8ecccc4df0ae8b
 [19:46:33]<[email protected]>all good he give u account details ?
 [19:47:07]<Trumplink>he didnt send me login details
 [19:47:23]<[email protected]>ok i will ask him last time
 [19:47:34]<[email protected]>(6:30:04 AM) [email protected]: WALLET HIDDEN
 [19:47:42]<[email protected]>this correct wallet ?
 [19:48:46]<[email protected]>https://gyazo.com/d0d70873285382121e8ecccc4df0ae8b - for real ?
 [19:49:30]<Trumplink>thread started from 09.02.18
 [19:49:35]<Trumplink>today 03.03
 [19:49:40]<Trumplink>I dont know what is it
 [19:49:59]<[email protected]>yes
 [19:50:04]<[email protected]>u know why ?
 [19:50:13]<[email protected]>that topic was  created
 [19:50:13]<[email protected]>by fake
 [19:50:21]<[email protected]>d.trump
 [19:50:42]<[email protected]>and admin anounce on the same that real d.trump taking this pinned topic
 [19:52:08]<Trumplink>and what next?
 [19:53:32]<[email protected]>if u dont agree he locking topic and moving to trash
 [19:53:43]<[email protected]afaka.info>and then he gives order send money
 [19:53:44]<[email protected]>back
 [19:54:41]<Trumplink>you must talk before registration process about escrwo payments
 [19:54:59]<Trumplink>you told me only about registration payment
 [19:55:02]<[email protected]>sir
 [19:55:11]<[email protected]>not all vendors are paying
 [19:55:17]<Trumplink>now you surprised me about +1K escrow
 [19:55:23]<[email protected]>so i never know when they ask
 [19:55:25]<[email protected]>for escrow
 [19:55:40]<Trumplink>you talk him two days ago
 [19:55:47]<Trumplink>about my registration
 [19:55:56]<[email protected]>about vendor registrationcorrect
 [19:55:56]<Trumplink>and he didnt talk about escrow payments
 [19:56:11]<[email protected]>whille i did not post him ur topic ID
 [19:56:15]<Trumplink>today I paid
 [19:56:25]<Trumplink>and now you want +1k
 [19:56:29]<Trumplink>it is not serious
 [19:56:55]<[email protected]>forum has good traffic all about buyers security
 [19:57:03]<Trumplink>I want refund
 [19:57:06]<[email protected]>jokerstash paid 5k
 [19:57:10]<[email protected]>yes
 [19:57:13]<[email protected]>hold on
 [20:00:32]<[email protected]>okay he agree for 500$ but ur topic is locked already
 [20:00:38]<[email protected]>so we  sending  refund
 [20:00:41]<[email protected]>and sorry again
 [20:00:45]<[email protected]>for this.
 [20:01:18]<Trumplink>I dont need advert with locked topic
 [20:01:30]<[email protected]>no it will by opened
 [20:01:32]<Trumplink>how will I post news about my updates?
 [20:01:46]<Trumplink>I told you
 [20:01:55]<Trumplink>I want refund
 [20:02:17]<[email protected]>no topic will by opened
 [20:02:43]<Trumplink>please send my moneyback and we finish
 [20:03:53]<Trumplink>WALLET HIDDEN
  [23:33:40]<Trumplink>where is my money?
 [23:33:50]<Trumplink>Im still waiting refund!
 [23:36:29]<Trumplink>do you have problems?
 [23:36:35]<Trumplink>where is my moneyback?
 [23:38:54]<Trumplink>You have 24 hours to make moneyback to my wallet
 [23:39:38]<Trumplink>if you not make refund till 21:40 by Moscow time tomorrow I will start black list on all forums where I have advert