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Full Version: c2bit.ru is taken over! Scam as of 2days ago 26th Mar 2018
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Ive been regular customer of c2bit.ru for about 4months now. They've been 100% legit up until recently.
They check is giving out invalid cards. Saying it is valid.
Ive spoken to there support numourse times and they cant explain or just giving me same answers " like if checker says valid then theres no refund"
Ive told them i don't care about the $40 US all i want is a valid card to use but unfortunetly now i cannot even post a ticket there. they've stop me from doing so.
If u have money or bitcoin there considered it gone.
I really dont beleive that the original owner would do this, so if anyone knows whats goin on let me know thank you.
I just dont wannt anyone wasting money there since they still have ads here as Vendor